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Motor Club of america MCA chargeback policy

Motor Club of america chargebacks

Today's article we are going to reveal the dreadful MCA CHARGEBACK !!

There is a lot of misinformation out there and misunderstanding on exactly what the MCA chargeback is.
So in this blog post I am going to discover three things.
What is a Motor club of america chargeback
Exactly how does the MCA chargeback system work
Whether or not you should even be concerned about motor club of america chargebacks


When somebody establishes a new account to receive benefits through MCA, the company will pay you an advanced commission of $80. This $80 covers the individuals first and last month of what we call a mature account. This is the account that someone sustains to a term of 17 months then the account is totally mature. So Motor club of america is paying you, the partner, an advanced commission of the entire maturation of that account in the quantity of $4.70 / month.

When a member chooses to cancel their MCA subscription (which is just $20.00 / month or.66 cents a day).
PRIOR to the maturation of the motor club of america account at 17 months, then MCA will charge you back the quantity of cash that is continuing to be so they can recoop the amount of money that was advanced to you.

This may sound like the worst thing worldwide, however the reality of the issue is that when an MCA chargeback takes place, the cash that is charged back is only deducted versus your future commissions not deducted out of your checking account. You will just be charged back on the continuing to be months that the person has not fulfilled to maturation. So for instance if somebody were to keep their MCA account for 12 months and chose to end their motor club of america subscription, the account has 5 months left til maturation. So Motor club of america will charge back $4.70 X The 5 Staying months against your future profits.

The simple going part is that Motor club of america will never ever charge back more than 50 % of your commissions. So if you make $80 for the week however are backed up in $50 for charge backs, MCA will just take back $40 and you will keep the rest of your commissions.


The easy answer to this concern that I get all the time is absolutely not. A chargeback is not always a bad thing and alot of people perceive MCA chargebacks as something bad because no one has a clear understanding of exactly what they are and why they are very important.

MCA chargebacks are set in place so that the company can shield itself. If there were no Motor club of America chargebacks then alot of people would establish artificial accounts to receive the $80 commission and then just cancel the account to keep the money. MCA chargebacks avoid this from taking place.

Now among the primary reasons business model is set up like this is due to the fact that people generally keep these types of perks for the long term. The MCA advantages and services included in the memberships are the types of services that give people guarantee, and for only $20/month it is a take compared to Triple AAA.


This helps promote doing what you are supposed to do in a company like Motor Club of America, which is helping your team members because if somebody isn't really making money they are usually going to quit. So you must be assisting your new members with the MCA training kit that I will provide to you as you choose to obtain started below.


You don't have to stress over whether or not your going to just be regularly refilling your funnel of new members or all your going to be doing is producing income to repay the chargebacks since for new partners the company will not charge you a charge back for the first 90 days. So for the first 3 months you can not get a charge back from motor club of america. This will bless you with AMPLE time to generate the earnings you should get to a point where chargebacks are of no concern to you.


What MCA has setup is something that is brand new which is called the motor club of america charge back incentive. If you generate 5 brand-new people in motor club of america in a provided week, the company will null and void any chargebacks for that pay week.

If you happen to bring in 15 people into motor club of america in a single month the company will waive any chargebacks for an entire month.


Chargebacks are setup to safeguard Motor club of america along with new members. Alot of people are terrified to decide to just join, simply due to the fact that they hesitate of the chargebacks. The reality is that Motor club of america is a company that can alter the course of your financial future if you allow it and as a bonus the benefits and services are pretty awesome aswell. If you enjoyed this article about mca chargebacks check out this post that uncovers more: MCA Chargebacks


  1. Sorry but your information is incorrect. I spoke to many supervisors at TVC this week and they have informed me that the 5 sales in a week charge back bonus is a glich. No Matter What Membership You Have, You Must Get 15 Sales In The Week Of The Charge backs Or You Do Not Receive The Chargeback Bonus...Sorry

    1. Yes. That is correct. The number of sales must be 15 in a week, every week, to avoid chargebacks.

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  3. Yes thats least that's what I heard.

    Anthony Roberts

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